Best Apps for Rooted Android Device


Well this post is about the best apps for rooted android device.I hope all of you know what is meant by rooting.If not,when i googled i saw something like this about rooting;

“Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running theAndroid mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over variousAndroid’s subsystems.”

And that’s it.I have also written a post on How to Root Android Phone in one click – Safest way. You can check it if you haven’t rooted your device yet.I won’t suggest you to android device if you don’t have any little knowledge about rooting.At times,you can ask others who are experienced in rooting.The fact is you gonna miss important and interesting features of android device if you haven’t rooted it!

Let’s get into the topic;

Best Apps For Rooted Android phone

1. Xposed


The Xposed framework is a powerful customization tool that lets you enjoy features found on custom Android ROMs without actually installing the ROM itself. Customizations come as modules and let you do all kinds of neat stuff – from blacklisting contacts and controlling your app start-up list to UI and Quick Settings modifications. And if a module doesn’t work on your device, you should have no troubles un-applying it. Don’t bother looking for Xposed on the Play Store. It is available separately, straight from its dedicated web site.

Download: Free

2. Device Control


As the name implies, Device Control is made to give you better control over your Android device with features you likely don’t have access to by default. With this app you may tweak vibration strength, CPU and GPU frequencies, your screen’s color temperature, and a lot more. Seriously, the list of possible modifications is way too long to fit in here, so go check it out at the app’s page on the Play Store.

Download: Free

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3. FolderMount


Insufficient storage space is an issue we’ve all had to deal with. Adding extra gigs via a microSD card is definitely a solution, but not an ideal one as not all apps can have their data moved over to your phone’s removable storage. Thankfully, there’s FolderMount, which allows app data to be stored on the microSD card, thus saving precious on-board storage space.

Price: Free

5. Free WiFi Password Recovery


Just to make things clear, this is not a Wi-Fi network password cracker. It merely displays the Wi-Fi network passwords saved on your device – ideal in case you’ve forgotten your network’s password.

Price: Free

5. DiskDigger


The purpose of DiskDigger is to recover photos and videos that have been deleted by accident. Images that have not been overwritten can be restored or sent to an email account, regardless of their location on your internal or external storage space. Consider buying the Pro version of the app if you need to be able to restore all kinds of files, not just images.

Price: Free

6. Greenify


Greenify, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a great tool for optimizing the battery life and performance of your phone. It automatically hibernates apps when they are not needed.

Price: Free

7. Tasker


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could automate your phone? You know, to make it listen for triggers and respond to them with actions. That’s exactly what Tasker is for, and it comes with more than 200 built-in automated actions. In fact, you’re free to create your own conditions, loops, and actions for the ultimate automated Android experience.

Price: $2.99

8. Titanium Backup


Ti Backup is recognized as one of the most popular back-up tools at the Play Store. It lets you easily backup and restore your apps and data, including protected and system apps, plus the external data on your microSD card.

Price: Free

9.Room Tool Box Pro


If you want to save yourself some time, and potentially some money, then you might opt for this all-in-one package that combines a host of handy root apps. It covers ROM and app management, scripting and start up, CPU and memory management, and a lot more. You’ll find apps like Build Prop Editor, SetCPU,Terminal Emulator, and Titanium Backup in here. You could spend five times as much buying them all separately.

Price: $6

10.System App Remover


The first thing a lot of people want to do when they root is to rid themselves of bloatware and with this app you can uninstall anything. You can also uninstall multiple apps at once, rename apps, move, and re-organize them. It automatically backs up all the apps you uninstall so you can test for ill effects and stability issues and restore them if you need to.

Price: Free

11.ROM Manager


With ROM Manager you can back up your existing ROM, flash new ROMs, and install custom themes or kernels. It features a long list of ROMs which is frequently updated and you can install ROMs to the SD card or OTA (over the air). If you want to unlock features like premium ROMs, update notifications, and automatic backups, then you’ll need to spring for the premium version.

(ROM definition: ROM stands for Read Only Memory. On Android phones, it is when you install a new OS or OS version with related apps. It’s not for the faint of heart.)

Price: Free

12.System Tuner


You can analyze exactly what is going on with your Android device and make a few tweaks to tune up performance with this free app. It enables you to tweak CPU settings, kill background processes and apps, backup and restore apps and their settings, tweak cache and memory settings, and a whole lot more. You can dig into exactly how your device is running, but exercise some caution before you start making changes.

Price: Free


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