Top 5 Shiva Games You Should Definitely Play [Download Now]

Do you like shiva games? Then, i have made a list of best shiva games you should definitely play. Shiva games are specially build for children and it gives an amazing gaming experience to them. There is shiva cycle game, shiva car games and many other games which is developed by Tangi Apps IT Solutions Private Ltd. It is a company which is brought and developed in India.

Shiva Games Download

The shiva games are all made from the cartoon aired on Nickelodeon Sonic and Nick HD+. The company which is building the shiva character games have brought license from the creators of the cartoon. The games have become a big hit as soon it is made available in the market. These games are having a rating of more than 4 which shows the popularity of shiva games.

Shiva games can be easily downloaded from playstore, however i’m listing those games down here and their respective download links. Go through the game description below and  have a basic understanding on what the game is all about.

I have already made posts about different games on this website like mini miltia, clash of clans and more. You can have a look at them. Now let us go back to out list of game of shiva.


Shiva Cycle Game

Shiva Winter Biking Tales or Shiva cycle game is one of the most rated game in google play store.

Shiva cycling stories is an unique adventurous biking recreation. With a couple of alternatives for extraordinary circuits with hills, bridges, roads & greater, the players can enjoy various interesting routes. There are exceptional hurdles at the direction, in-built to present the participant a thrilling trip. gather cash whilst using to buy greater paths/routes to traverse. hold cracking various stages to move to advanced levels, for an exciting experience.

This recreation is free of cost and free to play. Download Shiva winter biking tales to experience at the side of Shiva on a funfilled journey.

Shiva cartoon is airing on Nickelodeon Sonic and Nick HD+ and we are licensee of Shiva cartoon character to develop and publish games. This is a copyright of ©2018 Viacom18 Media Pvt Ltd Mumbai.



Download Shiva Winter Biking Tales

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Shiva Bicycle Racing

In this game participate in race with Shiva, Reva, Uday, Aditya and Ladoo Singh with awesome Bicycle Physics and stunning 3d graphics environment.

It is glad and adventurous time for all Shiva enthusiasts to experience the satisfactory cycle racing recreation with Shiva characters. Race against time in a friendly suit with Shiva and his friends.

Shiva Cycle race is the great possible blend of artwork, technology, and innovation. Reinforcement device gaining knowledge of has been applied to learn, force cycle and compete by means of combatants against the primary participant.




Features of the game.

  • 3 World with 6 Tracks on each – Vedas Forest, Vedas City, Spooky Desert (4 worlds coming soon)
  • 5 Characters to choose from Shiva, Aditya, Reva, Uday, LadooSinghRealistic Cycle Physics
  • Machine learned opponents (Reinforcement machine learning)
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Controls for Steering left/right, Jump, Wheeling
  • Thrilling Sounds
  • Increasing difficulty level
  • Addictive Gameplay.

Download Shiva Bicycle Racing

Shiva Adventure Game

Shiva the Superkid of Vedas town is going to the leisure park and collects a ticket for the adventure run… He runs alongside a direction packed with extraordinary hurdles like stones, rocks, machines, and demons. assist Shiva go a majority of these hurdles and try to acquire the coins scattered on the street. forward swipe to leap over the hurdles, backward swipe to skip underneath them, left swipe to move left and proper swipe to transport right … With 3-D snap shots, this sport takes you on a fun experience via the jungle. download now!


• 3D graphics
• Smooth, easy-to-use controls
• Easy play mode
• Free to download & play!


Love Shiva like their friends Riva, Gatto Nana Nani

Download Shiva Adventure Game

Shiva Archery

Shiva has many first-rate powers, one in every of that’s archery. He and his friends started archery in Vedas city. on this recreation, you may be given 3 arrows to hit the pumpkin targets, a good way to appear at the display. With top notch photos, and a smooth functioning play mode, this game is positive to get you hooked.




  • Intuitive sound effects
  • Cutting Edge Graphics
  • Excellent animation
  • Challenges throw-out the game

Test your archery skills by aiming at the pumpkin.

Download Shiva Archery

Shiva Himalayan Game

Shiva and his friend has been gone to iced mountain to relish their winter vacation. he’s targeting to gather characters of given word and coins. throughout his athletics he can face completely different difficulties like fireplace, stones, plants, fog, tears and plenty of a lot of. you’ve got to assist him intent on collect needed things. you’re warning of distance of character et al.. faucet on screen to maneuver and jump. Play Shiva range of mountains free game and beat cold of this season.


Download Shiva Himalayan Game

 Shiva The Cosmic Runner

Asura’s are each wherever watching for you. you’ll defeat them, break all the traps arranged by Asura and reach to your destination. As you’re chosen by Shiva, don’t worry, lord are going to be there to assist you out.

Play it on your mobile or tablets. Run through multiple levels of impressive 3D surroundings, select the character from home menu.


How to play ?
Swipe left or right to change the track.
Swipe up to jump
Swipe down to slide through.
Go over the Shiva to collect and become invincible

1. Rudraksha to unlock the various Themes.
2. Fireball Rudraksha to finish enemies.
3. Swastika to continue the run
4. Bilwa Patra to run faster
5. Shiva to become invincible
6. Magnet to pull Rudraksha

Download Shiva The Cosmic Runner

Shiva Car Game

Unfortunately there are no shiva car games available right now, but i will definitely update the list with more shiva games if such highly reviews is released in the play store. You can look into other car games like Asphalt and small games like Hill Climb Racing etc in play store.

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