Clash of Clans Hack NEW (How to Hack it!) 2019 [Updated]

Yes, how to hack clash of clans? That’s a question asked by the users of clash of clans since a couple of years. I have tried solving this question and found out that it is not actually possible to hack clash of clans since it is a server based game. Then you might think, why did i made this post? Even if clash of clans couldn’t be hacked from its own servers we can make a clash of clans private server and make any thing unlimited like unlimited troops, unlimited gems, unlimited elixir and more.

I have made a previous post to download clash of clans unlimited troops apk. Check it out also.

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Clash of Clans Hack

We know that clash of clans is the best strategic game that has been released so far. This epic mobile game is nothing but pure form of entertainment for every game lover including you and me.

In coc game, we can create our account and have to build our own kingdom. Town hall is the most important structure among them. Apart from that we have many troops like barbarians, archers, dragons etc. We train our troops and build more structures and upgrade our levels to fight among the mighty enemies.

What makes clash of clans more lovable is that we can join or make a clan and go for war with other clans so that we will get more gold and other resources by defeating them. This makes coc game more addictive. I have seen many people playing clash of clans restlessly and even after these many years people set alarm to make sure that they are not missing any clan wars.

Even though pubg mobile game has influenced many people and had an impact on the playing time of clash of clans it still holds his power. This is because, both games are of different genre.

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Hacking Clash of Clans Private Server

I have already told you that we can’t actually hack clash of clans private server because if we hack the coc server they could easily ban us and terminate our account. Other than this, they have a 24*7 data monitoring system because every people in the world is playing the game each second and they have a sleepless team for the maintenance of these servers. Thousands of gigabytes of data is being transferred through the clash of clans official servers in a minute. The best possible to way to hack clash of clans is making a coc private server mod apk so that everything can be manipulated according to our wish. That’s what exactly we have done in the apk below.


What is a COC Private Server?

The response is easy, there are many Clash Of Clans hack APK accessible on the private server market today. The private server is completely distinct from the true server, but it is the same as the initial server. You will get all unlimited funds, unlimited gems, unlimited soldiers, heroes of max level and zero construction time. In the personal server, all these figures can be tailored because developers produced them and they pay for their hosting fees to maintain them alive.

You’re going to get the same experience you’re not even going to realize it’s another server. All will be the same except for having unlimited Gems, Unlimited soldiers, Unlimited Dark Elixir and Elixir. We have collected some of the finest Clash Of Clans MOD APK . Below is a link to those. Check all of them, download the hack version of Clash Of Clans and have fun. If you are interested in ludo games, have a look at this post on the best ludo games.

Benefits of Clash of Clans Hacked Version

In the coc mod apk or clash of clans hacked version you will be getting everything unlimited like unlimited gems, unlimited coins, unlimited troops, unlimited spells and zero building time for structures.

clash of clans hack unlimited troops

COC Unlimited Gold

Have you ever thought of getting unlimited gold on clash of clans. How would the experience be? That’s a big life saver for every coc fan. Gold is the ultimate basis of every structure because we need to spend gold to buy new structures like building blocks, tesla tower, wizard tower, cannons and walls. With this coc mod apk you will be able to buy anything from the garage without calculating the gold spent because it is unlimited.

COC Unlimited Elixir

When it comes to elixir, it is another precious thing because elixir makes the upgrading process complete. We need to exchange elixir in order to get our upgrade process completed. Elixir is used to train soldiers, build fresh barracks and military camps, and upgrade laboratory soldiers. These things need to be finished with elixirs. By raiding enemy bases we can get elixir, but the amount we get is still too low that we don’t feel happy. Our demand for these elixirs appears to grow every day. How nice is it if we get to spend unlimited Elixir on anything we want? All this can be true if we are able to hack clan clashes.

COC Unlimited Dark Elixir

We all understand how essential it is if we take Dark Elixir into consideration. Our favorite Hog riders, golem, Valkyrie, minions, witch, lava hound, bowlers and Ice Golems all come with some dark elixir price. It is the unique elixir form that is extracted from the Earth deep down. It’s the rarest kind of thing that’s protected from enemies and you won’t be able to readily steal it.



This hack unlocks you infinite traps. You can also generate the traps all by yourself in addition to unlocking. It involves a giant bomb trap, spring trap, bomb trap, and what not to look for air mine trap.


It’s so magical to cast a spell. COC hacks come with spells and dark spells like freezing, jumping, lightning, poisoning, earthquake, skeleton, etc.


This hack will provide you with many advantages, allowing you to customize settings to design and upgrade your defense as well. This mod apk hack provides cannon, mortar, archer tower, air defense, bomb tower, and other such devices.

How to Download and Install Clash of Clans Hacked Version?

Downloading and installing the clash of clans hack apk is pretty similar to installing other apps in your phone. All you have to do is find the link to download coc hacked version below this section.

  • After clicking the link below, you will be redirected to another page containing the apk file of clash of clans hack.
  • The apk file is almost 110 MB. Please stay on the page until the download completes.
  • After the download has been completed, locate the apk file in your mobile and tap on it to install.

unknown sources installation

  • If you haven’t tick the security settings to install apps from other sources, you will get an option to do so.
  • Allow the app to install and wait for some time and make sure that the app is successfully installed.


File Name Clash of Clans Hack Apk
Version New
Size 110 MB
Features Unlimited Troops, Gems, Gold & Elixir
Last Updated September 7, 2019

Download Clash of Clans Hack APK

Clash of clans Hack APK


If you have any questions on downloading and installing the mod apk, feel free to comment it below and i will solve your query as soon as possible.

There will be many more versions of clash of clans hack in the upcoming days. Stay updated and download latest coc modded games by visiting our website frequently.

Why You Should Not Play Clash of Clans Hacked Version?

We know that clash of clans is a strategic game and we, the gamer should have an action plan and strategy to win or to progress further in this game. That’s why we have certain limitations of gems, gold and elixir. These resources should be obtained as per the instructions of the game, otherwise it won’t be an ethical way. There will not be any fun if we are getting things unlimited. That’s not the way we should play the game. We should uphold the spirit of the game by abiding to the rules. Check the latest version of mini militia mod shd and mini militia cheats

Even though we can try playing the modded version using the private servers, it would make you bored because you are getting everything unlimited and what’s the purpose of playing the game any further?

So, try out the hacked version we have provided here first and try to play the original version of clash of clans. We don’t support the use of hacked version of any android game.


FAQ on COC Hack

1. Do i need to root/jailbreak my phone to install coc mod apk?

No, you don’t have to root your device to install and play the game.

2. Will i face any kind of ban if i play this version?

No, because you are using a custom private server, which is meant only for playing the hacked version and not the original server.

3. How to uninstall hacked version and play the original version?

Just uninstall the modded apk and replace it with the original version, you will get your account back?

Keep in mind that downloading the clash of clans mod apk is the only answer to your query on how to hack clash of clans?. Thanks for reading!

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