How to Create Slow Motion Videos on your Android Phone

Apple introduced slow motion video feature on their flagship device iPhone 6 and with that one can easily make some outstanding videos. Slow motion videos can create some awesome effects like usually people are using it to shoot some action scenes like skateboarding, skiing, and other sports.

slow motion videos on android

Now if you want to create some slow motion videos on your Android device, then you can either go with the official Galaxy Note 7 that supports slow motion feature or there are plenty of free slow motion video creation apps available in the play store that enabled this feature on any Android device with a good camera.

All these videos you create as slow motion videos can be shared and a uploaded on Facebook, Instagram or any any other social networking platform like WhatsApp and so on. So yes with this you can upload slow motion video to Instagram and Facebook too, pretty cool!

Creating Slow Motion Video using Official Feature on your Android Phones

Yes you heard it, Slow Motion videos could not only be created on your iPhone but few Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S7, Edge and Note 7 also supports this feature by selecting its slow motion video mode.


With Galaxy Note 7 you can shoot Slow Motion videos at 240 Frames/Second, that’s pretty crazy right. So lets see how you can choose the slow motion video option and create some awesome slow motion videos using official Galaxy Android Devices.

  1. Open your Camera Application.
  2. Click on the MODE Text, you can see any the bottom left.
  3. Now choose the Slow Motion option.
  4. That’s it now you can start recording your video.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Slow Motion Video Sample

Here you have a nice sample from both the flagship devices from Samsung, you can see how awesome slow motion videos you can create using either Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Samsung Galaxy Note 7, check both the samples below.

How to Create Slow Motion Videos on Non-Supported Android Phones

Now in case your android device does not have this slow motion video feature then you can use a free app called “Slow Motion Video FX” from play store to create some amazing slow motion videos on any android device that atleast has a good camera.

Install Slow Motion App

slow motion video fx camera pp android

  1. Install the application.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Choose the video mode and start shooting.
  4. You will have a nice slow motion video created specially on an Android phone that does not support Slow Motion videos.

So guys this ends another awesome tutorial on creating some high definition slow motion videos with 240 Frames/Second on your Android device either using official feature on selected devices on using a free app from the play store.

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