How to Download Hotstar Videos in Android Phone


Hotstar has become the favorite android application to watch latest TV Series and Movies since its launch. Actually it mainly supports Indian TV Serials and programs and i don’t know whether it support other countries or not.

Just like youtube it doesn’t had any option to download the videos or movies streaming on it. Have you ever thought about downloading videos from hotstar into your android phone. Certainly! That’s why you are here, reading this post. Anyway i will be explaining the top 3 methods to download hotstar videos to your android phone.

Why Hotstar become this much popular?

There are many live streaming video applications available in the google play store. One thing that separates this apps from hotstar is that it is completely free to watch the shows and movies whatever it is. It also supports premium channels and favorite shows, film awards and sports events like premier league and indian super league.

Though hotstar has some annoying ads in the middle it is better than all other apps that offer huge cost for streaming tv shows and serials. Hotstar has also added a download option to most of the videos and thereby made a growth in its population graph.

3 Methods to Download Hotstar Videos

There are different tricks which i know to download videos from hotstar and i will be sharing those tricks to you in the below section. Read the post and throw your comments in the comments section right below this post.

1) Download Hotstar videos from the android application

I have already mentioned that hotstar has implemented a download option to most of the videos that is streaming. You can utilize this option to download high quality videos from hotstar certainly free of cost. What you have to do is just follow the steps below;

There was no option to download videos when the hotstar application was launched, but now hotstar has updated with this feature.


  • Choose Sign in using Facebok option to log into hotstar or sign up for an account.
  • After you have logged in you may choose your favorite TV show or movie.


  • You can see a download option below the video. Click on it and download the video.


Limitations of this method

  1. The First thing is that you can’t download every video from hotstar.
  2. To check whether you could be able to download a video or not, you have to try downloading it. Some videos will show the message “Sorry you can’t download this video,” and that’s it.
  3. After you download a video from hotstar, it won’t be saved in your phone’s gallery. It works like YouTube Offline, and You can only watch the downloaded video from hotstar app itself.
  4. You have to create a hotstar account to download videos from hotstar.

2) Using Screen Recorder

If you know how to capture your screen activity then capturing videos is an easy task for you. Well, now you need applications for recording screen on your android phone.

There are many applications available in the google play store to record your android screen. Below is a list of such applications.

  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Lollipop Screen Recorder
  • Rec Screen RecorderYou can record entire screen or select a custom are to record. Tool is handy to use. Unlimited recording and video editing.

 3 ) Using Livestreamer

This method is somehow typical and require lot of hard work as command from CMD needs to be executed. After testing on my PC, finally I’m ready to bring out details on “How to download Hotstar Videos“. If you excited enough to download videos right on your PC then follow the instruction below. Else you can try my short video tutorial.

Step 1 : Search for “hotstarsportlivestreamer rar” on Google. This search query will show you path toward download. Download this zip file. It’s around 17 MB in size.

Step 2: Unzip the zipped file using winrar or any other tool you have.

Step 3: You’d be able to hotstarlivestreamer file. Opening this file will pop up CMD terminal with paste the link: message. This is where you need to paste the video link from hotstar.

Step 4: Now on hotstar website, you need to copy the link of your video from url field. Paste this link on CMD and hit enter. Now type the format you want to download and type for download. Downloaded videos could be found on videos folder of unzipped file.

Recently Hotstar came up with new update with following features.

  1. Hotstar supports upto 8 languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telgu, Tamil etc.
  2. App can be installed on larger screens like of tablets.
  3. Great video experience on any bandwidth. Video quality is adjusted according to your network speed. Even On 2G.
  4. New improved user experience and video player. Shows and Movies are sorted with different categories.

So finally you can download Movies and TV shows on Hotstar App.

Remember : Registration is necessary and download option is not available for website version. You need to have App and registered account for downloading Hotstar Live App videos. Go SOLO

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