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We are using smartphone daily and we use to get many calls everyday.There may be known calls and unknown calls.What if you get calls from an unknown number and it sounds like flirt or irritating? Yeah, here i came up with the most useful tip to get details of the unknown number like name & address of the caller.

Trace unknown phone calls

If you have a working internet connection this application that i’m going to introduce you will pop up a notification with the name of the unknown caller and you can simply identify whether the caller is important or not.This application works on Android, iphone or even in Windows and is a widely accepted application with over 1.6 billion (1,600,000,000) numbers in it with their names.

Trust me, this is extremely useful if someone is trying to harass you by making unsolicited, unwanted and/or blank calls. Faced with such anti-social elements, people often wish if they could find the details of phone number that is being used by the offender. TrueCaller mobile app and website are probably the quickest and best way to determine the ownership of such unknown phone numbers. In this article, I will talk about the features of TrueCaller service, but let’s first understand how this service works.

How to track mobile numbers using truecaller website


  • Go to the TrueCaller website
  • Now you’ll need to login to the website  either by logging in with facebook,google,yahoo or microsoft account.
  • After you have logged in, there will be a field to type in the unknown phone number that you need to track.
  • Click on the search button
  • The truecaller database will search and will get you the most recent details about the number

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How to track mobile numbers using truecaller Android App

truecaller android app

  • Search for the latest version of ‘truecaller’ app in google playstore
  • Download and install the app in your android device
  • Login to the application by your email or facebook account.
  • That’s it and search for your own number to see the details.

Top Features of TrueCaller App

  1. It is totally free to lookup service for mobile phone numbers.
  2. The app automatically searches its database to identify an incoming call when it does not find a match in your phonebook.
  3. It enables you to reject a call if you’re not interested in talking to the calling person.
  4. App enables you to easily populate and enrich your phonebook by giving you the option of connecting your phonebook contacts with their social media profiles. The app then fetches photos and other details from social media sites into your phonebook.
  5. TrueCaller app mostly returns useful information on the phone number provided.
  6. You can also use the TrueCaller website to lookup phone numbers online. You’ll need to sign-in using your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yahoo account. Once signed in, you can make as many searches as you want.
  7. The app allows you to block calls. You can specifies phone numbers from which you do not want to receive calls. The app will shield you from such irritating calls as tele-marketers and other harassers.
  8. The app can locate details of land line (aka fixed line) phone numbers as well!… and details of the pre-paid card numbers too!
  9. It doesn’t matter where the caller is located. The TrueCaller directory is global and therefore it can give you details of even the foreign phone numbers.

This application is also available in the Iphone store Windows app store.You can download the app from those and follow the same steps as that in android.

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