Top 3 Ways to Download Songs in Jio Phone [NEW]

Are you wondering about how to download songs in jio phone? Well, i have the best 3 ways on how to do it!

We know jio has came into existence only before a couple of years and it has already made its mark in the telecom industry. Jio is now the best and leading mobile network in India. Apart from that, Jio has already begun the fibre broadband and cable tv connection in an affordable rate to achieve consumers in a large scale. This tactics would make the people fall into the new jiofibre connection.

This is actually beneficial for the people as jio is the cheapest and best platform to get what we need. Okay, now let us move onto our topic on how to download mp3 songs in jio phone. Install tubemate apk to download youtube videos on your mobile. Add extra security protection in your mobile with jio phone fingerprint apk

download songs in jio phone

How to Download Songs in Jio Phone?

As i have already stated, there are multiple ways to do this. Consider jio phone as a smartphone (it is obviously a smartphone) and not some basic model type. Even though it doesn’t run on the android or iOS platform it has every app that is available in those phones including Whatsapp and Facebook. Now let us see the top 3 ways to download songs.


Saavn is one of the most popular music streaming platform like Gaana. When jio was initially introduced it had an application called Jio Music which is lately transformed to JioSaavn. This is because jio has recently partnered with saavn to provide better music experience to its users. Saavn is a huge platform where the users can get millions of songs. Jio is giving it out for free for its users.

jio saavn image

How to download songs using JioSaavn?

  • Access the menu from your jio phone and you will find an application named JioSaavn with a little leaf like green icon.
  • Open the application and we are treated with categories like Weekly Top Songs, Latest Releases and so on.
  • If you are interested select a category or use the search bar on the top of the application to search for your favorite songs.
  • You can also search by using the film title. For example search ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’ and click on the album with the same title. This is how you find every song in this film
  • Now select your favorite song and download (Add to favorites) it to your account to access it later.
  • This is how you download songs using JioSaavn.

Internet Browser

Every phone has a pre-installed browser in it, right? Jio phone has also got a browser which is used to access the world wide web. You know what? You can simply access the jio phone web browser and download songs to your phone. Read the below steps to know how to do it.


How to download songs using Internet Browser in Jio Phone?

  • Open the application named ‘Browser’ from the menu in your jio phone.
  • Now on the address bar type in your site url that allows music downloads.
  • Note: Open any website that gives free mp3 songs.
  • For example go to or
  • Now choose your favorite song or search for the song in the search field provided in the website.
  • Download the song to your jio phone by clicking the download link.


Whatsapp is a great platform to share media and audio files. Here we use whatsapp as a medium to send files from other devices. This way you can get the audio songs of your choice in jio phone.


How to download audio songs in jio phone using whatsapp?

  • You need another device or your ask your friends for help.
  • Download your favorite songs in another smartphone or assume that you need to get songs from another phone to your jio phone.
  • Make sure that the whatsapp account is setup in your jio phone by opening the ‘whatsapp’ application from the menu.
  • If everything is working fine, send songs as audio files or document from other phone to your jio phone whatsapp number.
  • There you go, now simply download those songs from whatsapp to your phone and enjoy music in jio phone.

These are the top 3 ways to get audio songs in jio phone. This post will be updated if i find any new method. If you liked this post, please share this link among your friends. Feel free to use the comment box if you have any questions regarding this topic.

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