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Download Xender for windows

Xender, the popular file-sharing service, has just released an app for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8. The app is readily available on the store for download, which comes with the ability to transfer files up to 10GB in size.

Xender is a popular file-sharing application that lets one send their files at very high speeds. That is the reason why it is getting very popular these days. You can easily transfer heavy files of about 100-200 MBs within few minutes and it works everytime, not depends over data or whether and that is the best part of it. It was formerly known as “Sender” but later changed to Xender as it sounds more cool and different. One may think that what if it transfer files in very high speed, as there are already many WiFi based flash transfer agents. Still, Xender is designed to deliver superior performance in a better way. It is undoubtedly, the fastest and the most powerful file-transfer program ever developed.

You can send images, videos, documents, apks, games and all types of files to anyone using Xender. It is smart enough to dig your phone and find all the softwares and files inside it, so that you can easily share iot with your friends and other people who also have this app installed on their devices. You will basically need to have an Android or iOS Powered device in order to run this application. But what About Windows Phone? Yes it’s also launched for Windows Phone on 12/08/2015.

Using Wi-Fi, the cross-platform service allows you to transfer documents, music, videos or any other form of content easily between other devices. Transfers can be sent to up to four recipients simultaneously. Be sure to read up more on Xender on the official website.


Xender supports not only Windows 10 Mobile, but Android, iOS, PC and Mac too. We noticed the app hit the store yesterday, but were patient for confirmation from Xender due to some inconsistencies with regards to the store listing.


Download Xender for Windows Phone/10 Mobile


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