Facebook Introduces Photo sharing App Called ‘Moments’

Facebook Introduces a new app called ‘Moments’ which can share photos among family and friends privately.

Facebook users share millions of photos every day (not individually of course but collectively) however, from all of the photos you share there is a good chance that a large chunk of them never make it off your phone and are never seen by anyone. Well Facebook wants to change that and has introduced a new app called ‘Moments.’

The app aims to make it easier to share photos outside of Facebook. It syncs with the photos on your device and organises the photos into albums based on who is in the photos and the location where they were taken.

The app uses facial recognition to identify who is in your photos and once the photos are synced you can then share them directly from the Moments app. The photos are shared as a private post and allows you to share to the camera roll, Facebook, Instagram and a variety of other platforms.

The app is focused on sharing with small groups of friends but Moments could also double as a backup solution. There is no limit at present on the photo storage that can be synced to the account and synced photos live in the app. This means that if you accidentally delete a photo on your device it is still stored in the Moments app.

However it is important to be aware that the images saved in Moments are not full quality images, the app is optimised for speed and quality so the photo will not be at full resolution should you lose the original. It could still be a way of recovering photos that you may have lost.

Unfortunately the app is unavailable in the App Store at the moment and seems to be U.S. only, there are no indications yet as to when the app may be expanding to other regions.


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