How to Fax a document from your Android phone

Yeah,As you already know Android is full of possibilities and yes,you can also fax documents through your Android smartphone.Now we are going to see ‘How to Fax a document from your Android phone’.

It’s possible to send free faxes to anywhere worldwide from your Android phone using an application called Files Anywhere. The application is also a handy way to share your files with other devices, but even if you consider its use simply as a fax application it’s well worth installing.

Get Files Anywhere

Files Anywhere is a free Android application intended to view, share and manage files remotely between your devices. When you install the application on your phone you are entitled to a free account with 1000MB space. You can sign up for this account from the application itself.

Files Anywhere Remote Storage

Primarily, Files Anywhere can be used to backup and move your files between devices in a similar way to Dropbox or File management is straightforward, allowing you to easily add, move and delete files within your free storage, share with devices and email the files to your friends. There are also group management tools available to enable you to share files with specific people.

In fact, Files Anywhere have some amazing cloud storage features such as web drive mapping; direct file editing; photo slideshows; version history; and the ability to create sub-accounts.

Faxing With Files Anywhere

With Files Anywhere, it’s possible to send a free fax to anywhere in the world as easily as you would email a file to a friend. Just select the file, click on “Fax” and follow the prompts. Sender details can be adjusted so that you can supply your name and a return-to fax number or email address.

Files Anywhere allows you to add a cover page and save copies of the faxes you’ve sent for your records. You can search these records easily and if necessary you can quickly re-send or forward them as you wish.

When the fax is sent you’ll be notified of its success.

See this step-by-step guide or YouTube clip on how to send a fax with Files Anywhere via the web.

The Android interface features much the same tools and functionality as the web interface. Simply find the file on your phone, upload it to Files Anywhere and then choose to fax it from the remote files.

send free faxes


To do this, select the file with the blue dot on the left hand side, then click on “more” in the bottom-right corner and choose “Fax“. Follow the prompts from there and wait for your confirmation to come through.


send free faxes


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