Must Check Game Hacker Apps for Android Phone

Yeah, we all use to play games in our android phone! There are many awesome android games which we play on a regular basis. There is action, adventure, sports and classic games available in google play store. Have you ever thought of hacking these games so that you can amaze your friend by showing the high score you have made in one of the popular game.

In this post i will show you some apps that will help you to hack this games so that you can alter the coins, gems, diamonds whatever it is! I’m not sure whether all these apps works for all of the games that you are currently playing. But some among this will surely do the work for you.

Most of the below applications require root access to work. If you don’t know how to root your android phone i have made some posts below just for you!

Game Hacker Apps for Android Phone

I will be listing all the game hacking applications that is developed for android so far. you can utilize it to the maximum to hack your favorite android games.

1) SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker or Game Hacker or SBman Game Hacker Apk for android is a game modifying tool which you will find easier than any other game modifying tools. SB Game Hacker apk helps you to get unlimited Lives, Gold, Money, etc on the games you play. Moreover, it doesn’t annoy you with boring ads neither asks you money to get full version. 

Note:- SB Game Hacker works only on rooted devices. If your device is not rooted, please root it first

Features of SB Game Hacker:-

  • Accurate Search: You can search the value, what you can see in the game. Suppose, if you see 123456 coins in certain game, you can search 123456 in the SB game hacker app and if it shows only one data, you can edit this data and enter value such as 999999, or any value you want and you will see that total coins will be changed to 999999 in that game.
  • Fuzzy search: A fuzzy search is a process that locates values that are likely to be relevant to a search argument even when the argument does not exactly correspond to the desired information. So, if you are not sure which value to search try fuzzy search.
  • Floating-point (decimal): If game data is not integer, ( value between 0 – 4294967295) you cannot do fuzzy search. At that condition you should try this.
  • Data filtering: to determine the size of the data range, and improve efficiency.

Download SB Game Hacker

How to use SB Game Hacker?

2) Luckypatcher

Luckypatcher is an awesome android application to patch android apps and games so that you will be getting modded applications or games thereby unlocking the paid features in the app.

I will show you how to patch an android app or game so that you will get he best from Luckypatcher.

One of the best feature in Lucky patcher is that it even works on non rooted devices but is fully functional in rooted devices. If you haven’t rooted your device yet you have to go through my android rooting guides which i have provided at the beginning of this post.

Luckypatcher Features

  1. Apply Custom Patch to get full version of apps or some special features.
  2. Remove license verification from paid apps.
  3. Remove ads from free apps.
  4. Get free in app purchases in android apps and games.
  5. Install modded play store.

To apply custom patch using Lucky patcher follow the below steps:

  • Look for the app or game that has “Custom patch available” below, then tap on it.
  • Select Open menu of patches => custom patch. If multiple custom patches are available select any one of them. (You can try other if first one fails).
  • Tap apply. Wait for some minutes until “Patches are applied” is seen. Congrats!!!
  • If “Patch couldn’t be applied” message is displayed,, Please upgrade or downgrade version of your app or game as said by lucky patcher to fix this. Please look screenshots below if you are still confused.

Download Luckypatcher

3) Xmodgames

Xmodgames is another great android application to hack or trick most of the android games. You should install it to know the features of this application. It works perfectly on the android game Clash of Clans. This application requires root access to work.

The app work by scanning your devices for all games stored on it and then connects the internet for any trick or assistance that you can use to hack the games. This app supports most of the android games.

Key Features

  • Automatic search for opponents and other game features
  • Provides you with a super game mode to ensure that you gain an edge over your opponents
  • Have thousands of game modes for different games
  • Regular updates for the hot games

User Reviews

XMOD games game hacker android is a favorite game hacking app for many android users. A lot of reviews on the app are positive as it offers a lot in modifying games and giving players an edge over their opponents.

Download Xmodgames

4) Game Killer

Game Killer APK is one of the best android game hacker apps that allow you to modify or hack gems, coins, and other game features as you play your video games.  The app uses the memory modifying technique and thus is compatible with a wide range of android versions of video games. The app is great for hacking all manner of games but modifying paid games is often discouraged. The Game Killer android game hack must have root access to your device for it to function effectively.

Key Features

  • Root access required
  • Use memory modification technique
  • Can lock video games to required level
  • Can search for games with unclear directions

User Reviews

Gamekiller game hacker android has over 10 million users worldwide. The app has received mixed reviews with the majority of the reviewers loving it. However, a few people feel that since it cannot hack online games, it is of limited use.

Download Gamekiller

5) Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a popular and a free open source android game hacker app created by the Dark Byte.  The app enables you to use tricks when playing your favorite video game. The app works by scanning the internet for modifications that can give a video game player an edge over the opponent. For example, a player can apply cheat engine to change weapons, see through walls and even build more obstacles in the game.  The app is also open source which means that you can still make your own modifications to suit your needs.

Key Features

  • Connects to remote process
  • Scan paged or read-only memories
  • The fast scan feature
  • Different value scanning types (float, string, double and Array of Bytes)
  • Interactive Tutorial

User Reviews

Many video games players find the Cheat Engine android game hack to be a very useful tool when playing their favorite video games. The majority of the users who have reviewed the app agree that it makes playing their games not only easy but also interesting as they now have the ability to create more and bigger challenges. However, a few reviewers are disappointed by the fact that the Cheat Engine app is not adopted for all video games available in the world.

Download Cheat Engine

These are all the apps i have in my hand that can hack android games to make your work simpler. I will be updating this list as soon as i get to know about more  applications.

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