How to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery

How to hide whatsapp images

I have posted several tricks related to whatsapp including ‘how to use fake number for whatsapp‘ and many more.We use whatsapp daily and use to get lots of messages, it can be a video file,image file or can be text.The default setting of whatsapp is arranged in such a way that it will automatically download and  store the media files(image,video) when our device is connected to the internet.

The worst part of whatsapp is that we can’t control which files should be downloaded and which should be stored in our gallery.You might be using several applications to hide files in your device like Applock,but most of them fail to hide whatsapp images and videos from Gallery.So here comes the use of this simple turorial.

How to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos From Gallery

Hide Whatsapp Images from iPhone Gallery

The first category of this article is hiding Whatsapp images and videos from iPhone’s gallery. So, if you have iPhone and you are using Whatsapp on it then follow these steps to make it work for your iphone too.

  • Open Whatsapp Messenger and go to Settings and tap on Privacy button.
  • After that, tap on Photos and then you will have different sources of Photos simply you need to look for Whatsapp and ones you found it then toggle it off.
  • Now all your Whatsapp photos will be hidden from there.

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Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Android Gallery

These steps are to be followed by Android users. If you are an Android user and want to hide Whatsapp images and videos from your Android phone’s gallery then follow these steps:

  • First of all, Download any File Manager app on your Android phone which is required for this process. I would recommend you to download ES File Explorer.

ES File Manager has been empowered with many features like:

  • Remote File Manager
  • Application Manager
  • Text Viewer and editors
  • Built-in RAR and ZIP Support
  • Root Explorer
  • Access to home PC via Wi-Fi
  • File Manager
  • Task Killing
  • Ones it is installed on your phone. You need to launch it and then go to SD Card under Home section and then tap on Whatsapp and after that tap on Media.
  • Afterwards, there you will be able to see a Whatsapp Images folder. You simply tap on that folder for few seconds and then you’ll have some options, tap on rename and then you need to put ( . ) in front of that folder’s name, it would be look like this; .Whatsapp Images
  • Now the Whatsapp images will be hidden from your Android phone, in order to revert the changes simply remove that ( . ) and it will be reverted.

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This was just another guide on whatsapp tricks.If you have any suggestions or comments to improve this post or if you know any other method to hide whatsapp images and videos from gallery then let me know it.If i have committed any mistake or if you want to improve this page in any kind plz comment your valuable suggestions.

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