How to Get Free Gems in Clash of clans without survey


What should i say about Clash of clans? The only thing i can say is that ‘this game is awesome’.  I started playing this game almost 9 months before and reached Town Hall 8 and still playing. Clash of clans and Mini militia become my  favorite android games within a short period of time. I have recently made a post on Mini militia titled Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Cheats,Chat codes,Hacks and Tips. I got great response from my blog readers and excited to make this post about my next favorite android game Clash of clans and i will tell you How to Get Free Gems in Clash of clans without Survey. Before getting into our topic here is a short description about Clash of clans.

What is Clash of clans?


Clash of clans is an online multiplayer strategy game where we build our own village and also attack other villages to get loots like gold coins and elixirs thus accumulating them in our storages and use those gold coins or elixir to build defense and  army to better protect our village. It is available to download in both Android and Ios platforms.

The best feature of Clash of clans is that we could build a clan ourselves and allow our friends to join the clan so that we’ll be able to work as a team and attack other clans to  achieve wins in war and also war bonuses that will help our villages to grow quickly. There’s also a chat session available inside this game which we can use to talk among our friends and plan strategies for war.

How to Get Free Gems in Clash of clans

I’m not ready to fool you through this tutorial and i promise that you’ll surely end up in success if you follow this procedure carefully. I have seen many people offering fake website links that could give free gems in your CoC when you fill up your name and email address some forms or if you take a survey. It’s totally fake and rubbish. How on earth could they access your google account which is highly secured and fill gems in it? Okay…Let it go away, Now i’m here with the best tutorial ever to get free gems in clash of clans android game.

Requirements to get free gems in clash of clans

  • Rooted Android Device
  • Lucky patcher android application
  • Clash of clans Android game
  • Half an hour from your life span

I am sorry but should root your android device before you can start with this process. I’ll explain the thing which we are going to do, so that you will get an idea about what we are doing! We are going to purchase the clash of clans gems pack for free. And how will it be possible? Yes, here we will need the help of Lucky patcher android application which will tweak google play billing services and send a fake response to clash of clans servers that we bought the gems pack and we are not actually paying a single penny for it! This is the process in short. I have tried it and bought a 2500 gems pack with this method.

How to buy free Clash of clans gems pack in Android?

  • Download and Install Clash of clans android game if it is not yet installed in your device.
  • Download Lucky patcher android application from the link given below


Download Lucky patcher android application

  • Note: Your device must be rooted for this application to work
  • Install and open the application and open it. You will see something like below screenshot.


  • If a pop up screen appears to update the app please click ‘Update‘ to get the latest version of Lucky patcher.
  • You can see that all the applications installed in our android phone will be listed there including Clash of clans.
  • Now inside the Lucky patcher app you will see an option like Switches on the bottom. Click on it and a screen will now appear.

google play billing off

  • Enable or Switch ON Google Billing Emulation option from the list of options available. If it is ON by default just leave the screen. This is the important part of this tutorial and do it correctly. Look I have enabled it in the below screenshot.

google play billing on

  • If everything went right, now close the Lucky patcher application.
  • The next step is to purchase the gems pack from Clash of clans android game for free. Head over to clash of clans and open it.
  • Tap Settings -> Treasures and choose the largest pack of gems available. In my case i chose only 2500 gems so i got only that much of gems but you can choose the biggest one.
  • Note: This free purchase can be done only at once so make sure that you choose the right pack.

clash of clans gems pack

  • Now Lucky patcher screen will appear after you click Purchase. Tap on Get this item for free and wait for some time.
  • Yeah, you did it you got your heavenly load of gems. Do whatever you need with this heck lot of gems.

clash of clans gems pack purchased


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What is the use of Lucky patcher android application?

Lucky patcher is an android application that supports in rooted android device. With lucky patcher application we can edit the elements of android app such as its permissions to access our phone, google play billing services, google play license verification etc and we can use this app to patch any android app to a different version and hack some of the important parts of it.

We can also download custom patches of android applications like MX player, Whatsapp messenger. In this custom patch version we will be getting many advanced features that are not present in the original version of the app.

Lucky patcher can also be used to get the pro version of an android application freely and can access its locked features.

This is all i got for you. I’ll make another post if i get any other tricks to get free gems on clash of clans android. Please don’t forget to share this post and like our facebook page before leaving. That’s all i need in return for my hardwork. Thank you

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  1. How to download lucky patcher app ??
    I don’t see the app in this link

  2. Will it be okay if i root my sony xperia z1 with search4roots rooting tool. Because i only use search4roots for my phone and tablets because it safe and easy to install.

  3. how t o root my mobile?

  4. mine is showing purchased but not even a single gem has been added

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