How to Send PDF, APK, ZIP or any other File in Whatsapp

share pdf file in whatsapp

I have had many posts about Whatsapp in this blog till now. Whatsapp is the most popular messaging application in android as we already know. So i prefer writing more about Whatsapp because people are very interested about such topics. Even though whatsapp is the most popular messaging app, it has got some limitations. It’s quite natural because everything in this world is not perfect.

Some Limitations of Whatsapp Messenger

  • We cannot send large files through Whatsapp, it holds only 16MB of file.
  • We cannot send pdf files through whatsapp and it’s the most important document format.
  • We cannot send APK files through whatsapp
  • The quality of the image files we send through whatsapp is reduced by the server.

So these are some of the limitations of whatsapp and if the above the features are included in whatsapp, it will be a great boon. I have heard that many people asking on how to send pdf file in whatsapp? and Is there any feature available in whatsapp to send documents?

Today i’m here with a new post, that is how you can send pdf, apk, zip or any other files with any extension in whatsapp. This method can also be used to send large files upto 1 GB through whatsapp or any other instant messaging application you’ve got in your smart phone.

As i have told earlier whatsapp did not have any inbuilt feature to send this kind of files and we are going to depend an awesome android application that will definitely help us to send any files up to 1GB through Whatsapp.

WhatsTools Share

WhatsTools is the application we are going to use for this purpose.The main advantage of this app is that, the recipient is not required to install WhatsTools to receive the file. Anyone on Whatsapp can receive and download the file with ease.

Actually this app works with the help of cloud storage like Google Drive. The file which we want to share on whatsapp are actually uploaded to our Google Drive Storage so that no one else can have access to it. This file, which we uploaded to our Google Drive are being shared to Whatsapp with the help of WhatsTools Service. This adds more security to the service since it is incorporated with Google Cloud.

WhatsTools has got 4.6 rating in Play Store and you can guess the popularity of the app.

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How to Send PDF, APK, ZIP or any other Files in Whatsapp

I’ll show you the working procedure to operate WhatsTools. Follow the steps and also the screenshots to get a better understanding of the process.

Direct Download WhatsTools

  • After installation, open the application then it will prompt you to enable background services for the app.


  • Click OK to continue and enable WhatsTools Service.


  • You will be redirected to the application. now click on the + Icon  in the WhatsTools app and choose your favorite file to share.


  • After choosing the file it’ll be uploaded soon.


  • Click on ‘Share’ after the file has been uploaded. Then you’ll be prompted to choose the method to share the file.
  • Choose Whatsapp Messenger from the list


  • Select your favourite Whatsapp contact or group to share the file.


  • Yes, you have done it right. Now people can download the files you have just sent.
  • Now continue sharing as much as files you need without losing its clarity and perfection.

Features of WhatsTools: Share File Via IM

☆ Via WhatsApp: Click on Attach button in chat window to show Whats Tools share menu. Click on the received message to open Download file popup.(We need your permission to show our menu on the click of attach button using an accessibility service)
☆ Any File Type: Share any type of file Archives, Docs, EBooks, Music, Images, Gif Videos of up to 1 GB via any Instant messaging app installed in your phone.
☆ Up To 1GB: Many of the IM’s have restriction on size of file sending (16MB) whereas WhatsTools allows you to send files of up to 1 GB to any of your instant messaging app’s contact.
☆ Pausing/Resuming: Uploading and downloading can be paused as well as resumed. In case of a network failure, you will be able to resume the upload/download without losing the current progress.
☆ Preview video before downloading: Thumbnails of video at different durations can be previewed before downloading the actual video which will help you decide whether to download the video.
☆ Cross-Platform: Send file to IPhone, Windows Phone & Blackberry. If the receiver is on another platform, the link will be opened in the browser and the user can download file from the webpage.
☆ Share to Anywhere: File sharing is not limited to SMS or IM’s. You can copy the download link and share it anywhere through SMS, Email or Social Media Platforms. Anyone with the link can download the file from any platform using a browser.
☆ Peace of mind: All data is guarded behind HTTPS/SSL encryption. We connect to your Google Drive™ with your permission to transfer your files. You can view & manage these files from your Google™ drive as well.
☆ Inbuilt Media Support: WhatsTools support playing of GIF and Music files within the app itself. The app has inbuilt Video player as well for common video formats.

►Initial Setup◄
1. Enable Accessibility Service.
2. Connect to your Google™ Drive.
3. That’s it. Start sharing files.

Thanks for reading this post. Now you know how to send pdf file in whatsapp. If you liked this post please share it among your friends through any of the buttons below. Do comment below if you got any doubts regarding this post. Your comments are always appreciated.

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