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It would be very interesting if we could run the iphone ios apps on our android phone! Have you ever imagined that? Well now, you don’t have to just imagine about it, you can make it in real by using the ios emulator for android. Today i’m sharing you this awesome post on using the ios emulator for android to run apple iphone ios apps on android

iOS emulator for Android is an easy way to run iPhone apps in Android 2016. Here i will be writing the best possible ways to run iOS apps on android phone.

iOS and Android are the 2 best mobile OS (operating systems) in the world of mobile marketing as you ll know. In these days Android is becoming more popular, the reasons may be Android phones & tablets are cheaper than iOS smartphones and functionality they provide in low costs. Sharing both operating systems market also shows the popularity of the Android smartphone mobile.

Today, as we all know, all smartphones or running on iOS or Android operating system. but to run iOS apps or games in Android device can be considered as a thing of the distant past. Both platforms have a lot of satisfied customers and there are billions of apps being developed in market place for iOS and Android devices. that can easily help in customizing apps in Apple smartphones,  Apps on Android devices and make the job easier.

But you would be stuck with questions on how to get apps in Android as Apple would like to fing great many applications in another operating system while using a standard operating system. This means that you can find an iPhone app that would be informative, interesting, convenient and best of iOS emulator for Android phone, but due to differences in the operating system would not be able to use them. But it is now possible when you have iOS emulator for Android that can help for using the iOS application on Android phone / tablet.

iOS Emulator For Android



It is very surprising to run an iOS app on Android device. But with the revolution and the advancement of technology, one can easily achieve great results on the way to get apple applications on android.

This task can be accomplished with one application which can be called as the  ios android emulator to ensure that you can make your mobile phone compatible with several programs running on the iOS operating system and applications running on ios operating system is also needed. IOS emulator available on Android devices makes sure that you are able to run all your favorite iOS applications on your android phone This article discusses how you can do it.

How To Run iOS Apps On Android?

For Android users, this is a great news. They can easily use the iPhone applications or games on their Android phones. The dream of using applications or ios iPhone emulator for Android application is now possible because iEMU and cider, which is an Android application device and one of the best iOS emulator for Android.

 1. iEMU App To Run iPhone Apps On Android

This is one of the best Android application that can be used for applications in android apple. It is very easy to install and use, first check our some features of the application for Android iEMU.


Features Of  iEMU iPhone Emulator for Android device :

  • You can access iOS applications on your Android tablets or mobiles.
  • YOu can get all the feature of iOS application on your Android mobile or tablet.
  • It will save your game date in every moment.
  • iOS Emulator need 2.3 higher Android version.
  • It supports all gamepads and Xperia Play built in gamepad.
  • iOS Emulator takes 61MB for app files.
  • Your Android mobile or tablet should have above 512MB RAM.

Steps  >> Download and use iEMU To run Apple iOS Apps on Android:

  •  First download the application from the download section below
  • After the download has been completed, install it on your Android device.
  • This application iEMU take about 61MB in size storage request.
  • The application may be installed on your Android device with the name ‘padiod’.
  • Now open the padiod application and get started with iOS apps on your Android device.
  • This application does not support .ipas padiod iEMU and .zip files.

Download iEMU iOS Emulator For Android


2. Cider (Cycada) To Run iOS Apps On Android

Cyder is also one of the best Android application to run iPhone apps on android devices and it is very easy to use this application on your android device.

Students from Columbia’s University’s Department of Computer Science have developed Cider, a neat mobile OS compatibility architecture that lets them run any iOS application on an Android device. The six students involved with the project demoed Cider on a Nexus 7 (2012), which is able to run all sorts of iOS applications right alongside Android apps.

The project is not yet finished and the performance isn’t as smooth as expected, but things could certainly improve in the future. For example, iOS apps requiring access to certain hardware resources, including GPS, cameras, cell phone radio, Bluetooth and other features will fail to run properly since Cider doesn’t offer such support yet.

However, assuming the project evolves into a more complex solution of running native iOS apps on Android devices, Cider could help long-time iOS users make the switch to Android – or use Android devices in addition to iPhones and iPads – easier than before, as there would be a way to access content already purchased from iTunes, especially apps, on an Android device.

Cider isn’t yet available to other mobile device users yet, and it’s not clear yet whether it’ll evolve into a commercial product in the future.

Running Android apps on an iOS device isn’t yet a possibility, or at least the Cider team has not demoed such a side of the project yet, likely because of the nature of these two mobile operating systems.

Download Cider Android APK

The Cider demo video, showing iOS apps running next to Android apps on the same device, follows below.

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