Jio Phone Fingerprint APK Free Download [NEW Version]

The latest version of jio phone fingerprint apk is here. Download the application and protect your jio phone with fingerprint security. This fingerprint application for android supports every jio devices.

Jio has been into play since 3 years ago and it is now the telecom industry in India. More & more people are attracted towards jio because of its awesome plans and features. It is noted that, Jio is the fastest providers of 4G network in India and is currently testing 5G.

Jio has already announced its broadband plans along with set top box and cable tv.




Features of Jiophone

  • KaiOS operating system.
  • 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM
  • SD card for expandable storage up to 128GB.
  • Display of 2.4QVGA
  • 2-megapixel rear camera and VGA front-facing camera
  • Backs dual-SIM, LTE, VoLTE, and VoWi-Fi
  • Phone supports FM, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC.
  • Now supports Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube Apps for Mobile.

The below features are far more reasonable, when compared to the price jio phone are now selling. Now let us come to the point, i will be providing the download link to jio phone fingerprint apk below. Before that, let me explain the different types of security features available in smartphones.


Security Features Available in Smartphones

We, as a smartphone user know that there are many different kinds of security features available in our smartphone to protect our smartphone from data theft and any kind of unauthorized usages. Normally every person will put a security lock like PIN, pattern lock, fingerprint lock, face lock or simply the slide unlock. Fingerprint lock is now the most popular one, because latest phones are now coming with fingerprint protection that would easily enable the user to lock and unlock phones with a touch.

Slide Unlock

At the beginning, people use to lock their phones just by tapping the power button. This will bring the smartphone into a state that anyone just slide and unlock the phone. This is the worst kind of security protection you can assign to your jio phone or any smartphone.


The pattern lock is somewhat secure because an external user cannot break into your phone without knowing the pattern. Even though it is this secure your jio phone can be easily unlocked if someone finds your pattern.

If you are using a simple pattern lock a common guess is enough. I have seen some people looking at the traces on the phone screen and then finds the pattern and unlocking the phone.

Fingerprint Lock

This is one of the best and secure lock, that’s why i am providing the fingerprint apk for jiophone. Your fingerprint is only accessible by you and there is not other way to unlock your phone without your presence.  The thing to be noted is that your finger can still be attached to your phone while you are sleeping.

Face Unlock

Face unlock is another security encryption introduced by android phones and ios also in the recent times. It captures the image of the user first and then store it and recognizes to unlock the device if he is the owner. This is another good locking option because it simply doesn’t work with your eyes closed. So no one can unlock your phone while you are sleeping.


File Name Jio Phone Fingerprint Apk
Version v2.1
Size 4 MB
Features Fingerprint Security
Last Updated September 8, 2019

Jio Phone Fingerprint APK

Download APK


There are different kinds of locking apps available for android as well as ios. I will be posting the best apps to lock your smartphone in another update. For now, i have provided the link to download the jiophone apk. Install it on your smartphone and enjoy. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Jio Phone Fingerprint App

I have provided the link for jio phone fingerprint app above. Download the app and install it on your device to enable this security feature. If you have any dought please feel free to comment below.

Whatsapp in JioPhone

WhatsApp was initially planned to be launched alongside the newly published Jio Phone 2. Jio Phone has a powerful foothold in the Indian mobile industry, accounting for 47% of the mobile market and 27% of the mobile market as a whole. WhatsApp’s introduction to Jio Phone would be a win – win for both the WhatsApp owned by Reliance and Facebook.

WhatsApp has created a fresh version of the app for Jio Phone in particular, but some sophisticated characteristics are missing from the tailor-made version. However, the application’s finest and most essential characteristics such as sending text, images, and videos, and end-to-end encryption are part of the package.

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