Latest Whatsapp update with 'Mark as unread' option


My previous post about Whatsapp was on the topic Funny whatsapp status 2015. Today i’m here to introduce you the latest features of new whatsapp update that could certainly improve the user experience of Whatsapp Messenger.

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform in the android OS as you all know.We always try to keep an eye on latest whatsapp news and updates and interested to post about it.

Now i’m here to post about the latest whatsapp update that includes the latest features you might be interested.

Features of the latest android update

Whatsapp added new emojis


WhatsApp version 2.12.250 has introduced few all-new emoji, including the Vulcan greeting for Trekkies – you know the ones – and a slightly less friendly one we’ll leave the screenshots to explain.

Another nice addition is skin tones, so you can be more racially sensitive with your bird-flipping or geek greeting.

Mark Conversation as Read or Unread


The most awaited feature has recently introduced in the new whatsapp update ie; The Mark as Read or Mark as Unread option.Simply long press the contact on the main screen and a pop up menu will appear. Right down the bottom you’ll see the option for ‘Mark as Read’. You can do this in reverse too and long press to ‘Mark as Unread’ so you don’t forget to return to a message later.This isn’t strictly an update to the WhatsApp app, but it could affect how you interact with it. You can now use a Google Now voice command to send a WhatsApp message to one of your contacts, just say “Ok Google, send WhatsApp message to [contact name].” You will then be prompted to dictate the message you want to send.

Alternatively, you can record it all in one statement, such as “Ok, Google, send WhatsApp message to Malcolm, I’m still in love with you,” or something else.

If you’re new to Google Now voice commands, hit the link to see a list of what else can be achieved with Google’s handy personal assistant.

Add custom notifications to WhatsApp contacts


Feel free to add custom notifications to your contacts now too. Simply open a contact’s profile page and you’ll see you’ve also got a setting for Custom Notifications. Tap it and check the box to activate the options, then choose custom notification sounds, notification colors, popup actions and more.

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Google Drive backup in WhatsApp


Version 2.12.45 of the WhatsApp APK introduced a feature whereby you can backup all of your messages, contacts, and settings to Google Drive. You can access the new features by going to Settings > Chat settings > Chat Backup. Here you can choose how regularly you want backups to occur, as well as whether you want backups to happen over a mobile data connection as well as Wi-Fi.

Backups to Google Drive are scheduled for 4am, though you can manually choose to ‘Back up now’ at any time. Interestingly though, the feature has been removed from subsequent versions of WhatsApp, including four versions released over a 24-hour period on April 21-22. We’ve contacted WhatsApp for clarification on the feature’s removal, and will update this article as soon as we know more.

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