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Are you looking for moviebox apk? Definitely yes, because that’s why you are here! Yeah you are right, I’m gonna give you the updated and latest version of moviebox apk. Before that, I want you guys to read its features and description so that you could utilize the moviebox app to the maximum. Moviebox is the other name of showbox apk and it is the ios version and showbox is the android version.


Since now you guys have reached the right place, no need not worry, but always keep in mind that you should always download and install moviebox apk latest version for the proper functionality of the app. Otherwise, you might be getting server errors and application errors.

I have already made a post on showbox apk which is an alternative to moviebox. You can also checkout the post on tubemate apk to download your favorite videos from youtube to smartphone.

Moviebox APK Description

The application, as the name says can be literally defined as a box of movies. Yeah it holds thousands of awesome movies and TV shows which are only available at the outside world for a considerable amount.

Moviebox is actually an application that provides mobile based video streaming and download service. It is often confused with showbox. Movie box is initially designed for ios and showbox is designed for android. Both application has same features and interface. The movie box apk delivers high quality movies, tv shows, series and much more at free of cost. That is, you don’t have to make any paid subscription to watch movies or tv shows.

Netflix and Amazon Prime has made some serious increase in the list of subscribers thereby diminishing the moviebox and showbox simultaneously. The way moviebox works is very different from that of IPTV providers. It simply searches the internet and feeds the content into its streaming network so that the users can watch or download the same without spending any cent.

File name Moviebox APK
Version v5.30
Updated January 30, 2019

Features of Moviebox APK

100% Free

As I have told earlier the movie box app allows the user to watch/stream or download movies at free of cast in high definition quality. It won’t force you to subscribe like other movie streaming apps.

Wide Variety of Movies and TV Shows.

Moviebox app has an awesome collection of movies and tv shows as it collects data from torrents and other video providing websites.

HD Quality

The application is enriched with latest HD quality movies and tv shows with 2K support also. The user will be presented with a bunch of download options on resolution. If you don’t want to compromise on resolution download HD Quality movies and watch it offline in your android device.

Light weight

This app is not heavy and is easy to download. The application is below 15 MB and do not store unwanted data and cache space. This makes the application run faster on devices which it is installed thereby providing a fruitful experience to the users.

User Friendly Interface

Moviebox has a great user interface that makes the users fall in love this awesome application. The categories are so well arranged that we would not find any difficuilty in getting movies that we search for.

Good Compatibility

The video streaming and downloading app has good compatibility with almost 80% of android devices. The smartphone version running android 5.0 and above are good to go with movie box app.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains the frequently asked questions and their answers on moviebox app by users worldwide. If you have any questions please do comment it below the comments section so that we will add it here;

Is Moviebox Legal to Use?

Moviebox is actually legal to use but we all know that the torrents has been blocked by the government already. Since then, it is recommended that you should not download torrent movies from moviebox. Unless you do that moviebox can be enjoyed without a second thought in your device.

Is Showbox and Moviebox the same app?

Frankly speaking both are same. Showbox and Movie box has same features but the content available in both the applications may be different. Showbox was designed for android and moviebox for ios but now it is available for both android and ios platforms.

Where do Moviebox get content from?

They store content from licensees of the corresponding items. Movie box also fetch videos and shows from torrents that made the playstore to throw out moviebox from their market.

How do I install Moviebox apk on android?

I have already told you that both moviebox and showbox are the same. In the below section, i will be referring moviebox as showbox, so don’t get confused!

  • This tutorial i’m gonna tell you is the latest and updated method till now. You can always get the latest version of showbox by correctly following this tutorial.

  • Before we begin, make sure that you have enabled the unknown sources option in your phone’s settings. This option should be activated to install an apk file on your device.
  • We all know that showbox is not available in playstore anymore. Inorder to obtain the latest version of showbox we need to first install another app called Aptiode TV.
  • Aptoide TV is an application that provides latest version of movie streaming apps. Download Aptoide TV using the link below.

Aptoide TV latest version

  • After the aptoide apk download has finished, locate the apk file on your device and Tap on it.
  • A prompt will appear to install the application. Click on Install and wait for sometime.
  • Soon a new window will be shown indicating that the app is successfully installed, Now click on OK. Open the application.
  • You will see an interface like the one below.


  • On the top, a search option is provided. Tap on it and search for ‘showbox’


  • Then showbox will be displayed in the results. Click on it and Tap on Install to install the latest version of showbox apk.

  • That’s it. Now you have successfully installed showbox apk on your android device.
  • Enjoy unlimited movies, tv shows and other exclusive videos on your smartphone completely free of cost.

How to Solve Moviebox Server Error?

If you are getting any server or the app is not loading, first check that you are using the latest and updated version of moviebox. If not, you can always download the latest version of moviebox from the above link provided in this website.

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If it doesn’t solve the problem, try using a VPN application that helps the moviebox to redirect its server to a differeent location. There are many VPN apps available in google play store like Turbo VPN, Express VPN etc. Download one of them and connect to a different region.

Moviebox iOS

Just like we installed showbox for android, we can only install moviebox ios through other application. There are different ways to install moviebox for ios. I will explain each and everything step by step. Stay tuned!

Moviebox ios using cydia

An Iphone user may probably heard about cydia, if not cydia is an alternative to apple app store which provide apps that are not in the itunes store. Cydia app can only be able to install on an ios device which undergone jailbreak.

  • To begin with, install cydia app on your ios device.
  • After installation go to ‘Sources’ tab.
  • On the sources tab you will find an ‘Edit’ option.
  • Tap on the Edit button and Add Sources through the ‘Add’ button.
  • Paste exactly this url
  • This enables you the privilege to install moviebox ios on your iphone/ipad.
  • Now go back to Cydia app and on the search bar type in ‘Moviebox’.
  • Click on Install in the next window that appears. Wait for a couple of minutes for the installation to finish.
  • After finishing the installation exit the cydia app and check whether moviebox app icon has appeared in the menu.
  • That’s it. You have completed installing moviebox for ios.

Moviebox Pro using Tutu App


  • After installing Tutu app, Accept any notification that comes, you have to enable the trust option for the proper working of the application.
  • Now open Tutu app and search for Moviebox by filling out the search field.


  • Tap on the Moviebox app icon to install it. That’s how you finish installing moviebox in your ios device.

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We believe that you have successfully installed moviebox apk on your android phone and moviebox ios on iphone/ipad. If you have any dought in the above steps explained or have any other questiuons, please use the comment box below to let us know about it.

You can also suggest us to write something more about moviebox apk in this post if you need any further clarification. All suggestions are welcome.

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