Remote GSMedge APK Free Download for Android [NEW]

I am here with remote gsmedge apk which is another app to unlock frp protection on android devices. I have already made a post on technocare apk which does the same.

As i have already mentioned in other posts FRP is factory reset protection and is a built in security measure on most phones like samsung galaxy devices. If you have somehow forgotten the google account password or want to remove a google account from a phone you bought you need to first unlock frp.

There are many apps available to bypass frp protection. Such an application is remote gsmedge apk. Let us have a look at the features of the application below.

remote gsmedge apk

Requirements to Remove FRP

After activation of FRP, it prohibits the use of a device after factory resetting data before you sign in using Google account. Use the below applications you can simply reset your device without any complications. The apps below make the process very simple if you follow the exact steps. For unlocking frp you need to have the two applications below.

  • Remote gsmedge.apk
  • Quick shortcut maker apk

Steps to Bypass FRP

frp verify

  • Make sure that you now have the factory reset phone in your hand before we start this tutorial.
  • You can see the welcome screen after the phone is reset. Tap on ‘Lets Go’ on the welcome screen. Tap ‘Skip’  then choose the option ‘Setup as New’.
  • Connect to the wifi network and go back to the welcome screen again.
  • Now press the ‘Home’ button and turn on Talkback feature. (The talkback will be off by default you have to turn it on)

turn on talkback

  • Swipe down to right to see the Global Context Menu. After choosing the menu tap on Talkback Settings

global context menu

  • Again swipe down to right and tap pause feedback and enable suspend feedback

pause feedback

  • Go to Help and feedback, and on the search bar type ‘Voice’ and click on the tutorial ‘Get Started with Voice Access
  • You can see a youtube video there on how to tutorial on voice access. Now above the youtube video there will be a 3 dots menu on the top right. Access the menu and click share icon.
  • Now you will be redirected to youtube.
  • From the Youtube application. Click the 3 dots menu on the top right to open Terms & Privacy Policy
  • Now chrome browser will be launched. Type into the address bar and this page will open.
  • Download quick shortcut maker apk  from the link given below this section.
  • After downloading, install the apk and open it.

quick shortcut maker

  • Search for settings in the keyword search box. Open settings and go to Security->Device Administrators
  • Disable Android Device Manager by unticking it.
  • Press the back button and now open the Apps option.
  • Click on the 3 dots menu and change to system apps. Find Google Account Manager from the list of apps and then click on Force Stop once and then Disable.
  • Find Google Play Services in the similar manner and force stop and disable it also.

disable google play services

  • Go back to quick shortcut maker app again and search for chrome now.
  • Open chrome again and go to Download remote gsmedge apk this time
  • Install the apk file just like we installed shortcut maker.
  • Yes. You have done it. Now you have successfully bypassed frp protection in your android device.
  • Now go to quick shortcut maker again and open Settings.
  • Tap on Accounts and Add Account.
  • Add your new gmail account. That’s it

For this tutorial to work there is no need of rooting your android phone. Make sure that you follow the above steps correctly.

Quick Shortcut Maker APK

This application makes it easier to open application installed on your phone by searching it. Find system apps as well as user apps.


Remote Gsmedge Apk

This app is specially designed for samsung galaxy devices to unlock factory reset protection.



Make sure to restart your device after you have done everything successfully and added Google account. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, see the video below for clarification.

This apk is same as the remote 1 gsmedge apk. I will be posting more tutorials on how to unlock frp protection on samsung devices. Keep visiting this website.

I believe that you are able to solve the frp problem using this awesome step by step tutorial, if not feel free to comment your doubts and suggestions regarding this problem.

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