Save 20% of Battery Life by uninstalling Facebook App

save battery life uninstall facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform as we all know and it is gaining thousands of users everyday. There are many people among us (i know some of them directly) which cannot live without facebook. They might be always active in facebook to check their latest notifications, messages, wall updates, friend request confirmations etc,etc and etc.

Facebook - Android Apps on Google Play

Do you agree that every facebook user owing a smartphone have installed Facebook app in it? Definitely yes, but what’s the big deal in it?

Do the app have something special apart from the mobile version of the facebook website? I hadn’t find any! But it has got many elements that could decrease the performance of your smartphone and make it a dump slow machine. The lion part of your battery percentage is getting oozed out by this same facebook app that is greeting you with the latest notifications and messages from your friends.

No android user is pleased with the performance but the only thing is that they could get all the information regarding their facebook account in a minute if they have a high speed data connection or they have subscribed for a higher broadband  plan. I mean a high speed internet connection because facebook does not offer a faster service until unless our above mentioned internet is faster. My broadband connection is comparatively slower and i cursed this app a million times and still counting.

Look at the reviews of the facebook app. It clearly shows that the users are not pleased with the performance of the app.

Facebook android app review

The design of the facebook app is very good and none of the facilities available in the web version of Facebook has avoided in the app.

But this app is of size 50.0 MB when we download it from Google play store and varies among devices and facebook developers come with latest updates frequently so that we should have higher data packs enabled.

The truth is that after installing this facebook app and login to your facebook account the size of the app gets doubled and when days passes the app gets expanded and consume more of your device space. If you have already  installed Facebook app in your mobile phone you can check the amount of space grabbed by facebook by going to the App Info of that particular app.

One pleasant day i got a notification that my phone is out of storage space for apps. I got  dumbstruck when i saw that the Facebook app which i consider one of the most important app has grabbed 250 MB of my phone memory space. My android phone is Micromax Canvas juice and it is not good at performance and only has 1GB of RAM.. I just uninstalled the app immediately and see that i have enough free space to install a minimum of other 5 android apps in my phone. Through uninstalling Facebook my device has been boosted up and its performance  also has increased. The main thing i noticed is that the battery draining level of my phone has considerably reduced.

I took my friends phone immediately and checked the space grabbed by Facebook app. I could see that facebook has secured above 200MB of space and understood that this app is causing hell lot of headaches. His phone is of higher specifications but he also told me that he is depending on the web browser to access facebook because the app is consuming more data and time.

I told you that facebook app considerably reduces battery percentage, it is because the app runs in background when we switch on our mobile phone and this could not be stopped easily. And if we try to stop this background action, the live notifications that is coming from facebook will be disabled. Therefore the remedial measure to get rid of battery draining and over data consumption is to uninstall this app and i recommend you to depend on web browser to access facebook.

Indian users can download Facebook Lite which is a user friendly and less sized app that is the most convenient to use in android phone. I don’t know whether it is available outside india but it is specially designed for 2G Internet users.  Can you believe that when i say that this app is 535KB! Yes it is!

Facebook Lite screenshot

Other remedial measures to decrease Facebook app size and make device faster

  • Install app cache clearing apps like Cleanmaster that can help your android device to delete app cache and boost up your mobile phone.
  • If possible move the Facebook to your SD card from phone memory.
  • Log out from your facebook account after your use so that it will reduce the App cache space.
  • Disable background running apps from Cleanmaster

Other than Facebook app it has also got Facebook messenger additionally for chatting purposes. If you can’t live without chatting keep only the messenger app and uninstall the Facebook app which could speed up your phone at a great level. Check out yourself by analyzing your mobile phone before uninstalling and after uninstalling the application.


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