Secret Video Recorder Pro APK Free Download v3.1.7 [Updated]

Secret video recorder pro apk is a must try app to record videos at the background unknowingly. Download the best secret video recorder pro v3.1.7 which  helps to record the victims video without risk.

The ONLY spy app to record HD video using volume keys with phone screen turned off. This app records HD video in the background so you can use your phone as normal. You can even turn your phone screen off! NO ONE can tell you are recording video.

secret video recorder pro apk


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In Secret Video Recorder PRO apk, We have built upon our capability of our first generation app. This is advanced technology, and there is no other app in the market that even comes close to this app.

secret video recorder pro

Features of Secret Video Recorder Pro APK

  • Secret Video/Audio/Pictures Recorder.
  • Start OR Stop Recording even when your phone is LOCKED.
  • No Preview. No sound and Trace at all.
  • Press Power button OR Shake OR Wave to your Phone to Start OR Stop recording.
  • HD Videos, HD Pictures and best quality Audio recordings.


Secret Video Recorder General Features:
• Shake your Phone to Start or Stop recording
• Press Power button to Start or Stop recording
• Wave at your Phone to Start or Stop recording
• One Touch Record Icon for recording start and stop
• Tap on Hidden notification to Stop recording
• Custom icon for launcher so the app is completely discreet
• Shutter mute mode
• Space left check
• Battery Level check
• Notification message control
• Disable Notification icon so there is no screen indication that video is recording
• Very few permissions needed so privacy is assured
• Talk on the phone while video recording continues in background
• Turn screen off and continue recording (on supported devices only). Saves battery and allows long recordings

Secret Video Recorder Video Features:
• Full HD video (1920×1080) recording
• Supports front and back camera
• UnLimited Recording
• Flash light mode selection

Spy Camera Pictures Features:
• Supports front and back camera
• High quality pictures
• Flash light mode selection

Hidden Recorder Audio Features:
• UnLimited Recording
• High quality compression ratio with mp3

Secret Video Recorder is tested on HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Micromax, Karbonn, Lenovo and Lava phones

Download Secret Video Recorder Pro APK

Download Secret Video Recorder Pro v3.1.7

Get the secret video recorder pro apk from the above link and you got the paid version for free.

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How to Install Secret Video Recorder?

  • Download the apk file from the above link. The video recorder application is about 28 MB.
  • After you have downloaded the apk file, locate it in your storage and install it.
  • Before installing, make sure that you have given permissions to install non-market apps on your android phone.


  • If you haven’t done this yet, Go to Settings->Security->Allow Installation of non market apps. Enable this option.
  • Install the apk file as instructed. Enjoy Secret Video Recorder.

How to Use Secret Video Recorder?

Secret Video Recorder has two options;

You can schedule the record so that it capture automatically later or you can simply turn on the application so that it will start recording completely hidden.

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How to Schedule Recorder in Secret Video Recorder?

The front page of the application is the recording scheduler. What you have to do is specify the date, time, duration and camera. You can also choose whether the camera to be selected is rear or front.

Once everything is ready, tap Scheduler, and make sure to correctly arrange device so that you can capture the frame you want and be sure to tuck it away so your device doesn’t look too obvious.

Quickly Enable Recording on Secret Video Recorder

For one tap recordings, you have to enable the secret video recorder widget. This widget is available in every smartphone that has secret video recorder pro installed or even the normal version.


  • To get the widget box on android phone, long press on a blank are on your home screen. You will see many options.
  • Tap on Widgets from there and you can see many widgets.
  • Find the secret video recorder widget from there and drag and drop the widget to the home screen. Once you have done this, you can simply widget to quiclky record videos in the future.

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