How to Turn ON Guest Account in Your Android Phone


After the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop the OS has powered up with great features. Guest account feature is the one among them. Through enabling guest data you can pass your mobile phone to others so that your important information and other secret files will be locked in your administrator account just like that in a computer. This option become useful when your nephew wants to play a few games, or your friend needs to check Facebook, or someone wants to show you a new app, Guest Mode gives you the ability to pass round your handset safe in the knowledge that your own photos, music and apps are carefully locked away in your user account.

Setup Guest Mode on Android Phone

The steps to setup guest mode on android is pretty simple. What you have to do is just follow the below steps and you are ready to go.

  • First of all, Swipe down the notification bar screen to access the quick setting panel.
  • Now tap on User account from top right corner and select Guest to switch to guest mode.
  • After that, if there is someone who uses your phone regularly then you can give him a separate account on your phone created on his/her name by tapping on Add User.




  • Then the new users will be welcomed as if they have bought a new android phone.
  • That’s it. Turn Guest mode ON and Enjoy Privacy


Setup guest user features

You should be directed to Settings—>Users page. You can also access this page from Settings, instead of the quick settings panel if you want.

Tap the gear icon next to Guest as shown below.

Drag the switch for Allow phone calls to right to enable this feature for guest user.  By default, phone calls are not allowed for guest user.

Once this feature is enabled, the switch will change to blue as shown below.


Using Android Lollipop guest user mode

Once entering guest user mode, you will get a default home screen.

Guest user can use all pre-installed apps, i.e., apps installed before the owner setup the phone.

Although Android Lollipop guest user can use these pre-installed apps, the data and settings associated with these apps are NOT shared. Each user has own settings and data for the same app. For example, the contacts should be empty for guest user by default.

Android Lollipop guest user can install apps after adding his own Google account as shown below.


Exit Android Lollipop guest user mode



When in guest user mode,  you can tap the user avatar in quick settings panel. Then tap another user to exit guest user mode as shown above.

Please note, after switching to other users, the setting and data for the guest user is saved in the phone.

How to remove guest user in Android Lollipop?

If you are using other people’s phone as a guest user, it is recommended to remove your account so that all your data and settings are cleared from the phone.

If you simply switch to other user without removing guest user, next time the guest user (maybe someone else) will have the option to continue your session (and therefore access all of your data and settings saved under guest user mode) or start over (to clear the your data and settings).

To remove Android Lollipop guest user apps, data and settings, in the quick settings panel (in guest user mode), tap Remove guest as shown below.  This sill remove all apps, data and settings linked to current guest user. Essentially, this removes this guest user. So, the guest user can remove the guest account himself.

Once the Android Lollipop guest user is removed, the phone will switch back to lock screen.


What can be accessed while using Android Lollipop Guest mode?

1. App files are always shared.

Each app has only one copy on the phone. So, any user can upgrade the app and accept new permissions.  This is similar to the PC.

2. App data are NOT shared.

Each app has its own settings and user data. These are NOT shared.

For example, there is only one copy of GMail app. But each user can only see emails (and email settings) of his own accounts.  He cannot see email or settings for accounts that are under other users.

3. Accounts are NOT shared.

Each user can have a lot of accounts (multiple Google accounts, Facebook account, multiple email accounts..). These accounts are NOT shared. Each user can only access accounts added by him.

4. SD card is always shared.

If your phone has a SD card, and you saved some files in the SD card, or you choose SD card as the photo/video storage location for camera app, these files are shared. In other words, other users can see these files in the SD card.

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