Use Two Whatsapp Accounts on One Phone without Root


This might be the most interesting and useful trick that i have posted under the category Whatsapp tricks so far. I will be showing you the step by step tutorial on how to use two whatsapp accounts on one phone without root (two different numbers). Yes, i mean without root because this trick doesn’t require your phone to be rooted.

We already have a primary account on whatsapp, we should now enable a second account for whatsapp so that we can use whatsapp for two different numbers.

Requirements to install two whatsapp account in one android

  • Whatsapp Messenger (Available in Google play store)
  • GB Whatsapp (Will explain below)
  • A little android knowledge
  • 15 minutes from your life time.

Now you have gone through the above requirements it’s time to explain the procedure. All of you with a little android knowledge can implement this trick easily. All you have to do is to follow this tutorial from the begining to end. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial do post it in the comments or in our facebook page.

Let’s start;


I hope all of you have already installed our default Whatsapp Messenger in your android phone. We are not gonna do anything to this. Let it stay there.

What you have to do is download and install another Whatsapp Messenger that has additional features other than the default whatsapp. Just have a look at the special features of whatsapp messenger which i will be providing you.

Features of GB Whatsapp Messenger

It is an alternative version of the WhatsApp Messenger and to run the second account and supports all android devices in addition to other features which are listed below.


Privacy options

  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Blue ticks
  • Hide Second tick etc

Anti ban and lock with password

Possibility to distinguish between collective messages and regular

Possibility of a lock for Watts in August password

The ability to send video size of 80 MB instead of 16 MB

​​The possibility of sending 90 image at once without 10

Possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters 250 instead of 139 symbols

The possibility of pressure on the links without storing the message sender or the number of the owner

Counter statistics for groups

View the media without loading

The possibility to hide the name and the date when copying two or more

Ability to copy case

The possibility of changing the program format, and change the program icon and notices

and many more feature


What’s New ?

Add widget to hide and show Appear to become connected to

add more than 7 new forms of bubble conversation and Sahan receiving and reading

Add 02/02/31 option to change your online color now in talks

Fixed a problem disappearance appearing in Conversation

reform not to open the conversation in 8 option

Other reforms

How to use two whatsapp accounts on one phone

gb whatsapp

    • Download and install GB Whatsapp from the link given below.


[sociallocker]Download GB Whatsapp[/sociallocker]


  • After downloading install the apk file in your android phone
  • After installation, you can see the interface is same like Whatsapp and enter your second mobile number for which you have to use the second account.
  • Just like in the default Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp automatically confirms the number when the OTP is received.
  • After that wait for the program to load.
  • Yeah, you are all set to go. Now you can use your second mobile number to send and receive messages through Whatsapp
  • Also enjoy the cool extra features of GB Whatsapp.

How to change theme in whatsapp


Now that you have installed GB Whatsapp in your android phone it’s time to customize whatsapp according to your wish. Access the enormous list of whatsapp themes and beautify your whatsapp account.

To access the themes list;

Go to Menu -> GB Settings -> Themes

Download your favorite theme from the list that appears. Restart the whatsapp application to get your theme successfully applied.

How to hide online status in whatsapp


Touch the menu button in GB Whatsapp and Choose Privacy -> Hide Online Status -> Hide for Contacts

This way you can hide your online status even if you are online in whatsapp.

How to hide blue ticks in whatsapp


Touch the menu button in GB Whatsapp and Choose Privacy -> Blue Ticks -> Hide for Contacts

Through hiding blue ticks your receipient will not see blue ticks even if you read the message, they will not see the second tick also through this option.

Note: Please do not use the Hide Second Tick option because you will no longer receive messages if you hide that option.

How to hide writing status in whatsapp

Touch the menu button in GB Whatsapp and Choose Privacy -> Writing Status -> Hide for Contacts

Now your contacts will not see the Typing… status while you type any text.

There are many other privacy options available in GB Whatsapp which you can check after installation.

How to see who is online now in whatsapp

To see who all people are now online in whatsapp, enable the option called Contact Online Toast.

You can enable it by going to Menu -> GB Settings -> Main/Chats Screen -> Contact Online Toast -> Show Contact Online

There are many other options available other than the main advantages listed above. You can check for yourself by downloading and installing the app. I have been using this app for 1 month now and it’s really awesome. There are many other prank apps available in the name of whatsapp. Please use the app that has provided above and do not use any other fake apps.

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