How to use WhatsApp without your Mobile number – Fake Identity

You’ll be thinking how can it be possible?? But yes,you can make a fake identity in whatsapp using a virtual mobile numberthat doesn’t actually require even a SIM to work.All you need is a working Android phone that can download apps from Google play.

WhatsApp is an incredible social networking application you can say that allows you to send text’s, sounds, video clips (few hilarious one’s) and you can share pretty much everything now and after its been acquired by the social giant Facebook you can always think about new features that are going to be rolled in by time.

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Install & Use WhatsApp without Number


Use TextNow to Verify WhatsApp

The first method involves downloading a messaging app called TextNow to your phone. This messaging app gives you a unique phone number which you can enter into WhatsApp and use to verify your account.

1. Download TextNow to your device

Download the TextNow app to your device from the below link or from the Google Play Store


2. Open the TextNow app & Note down Your Number

Once the TextNow app is downloaded to your device, open it up and complete the setup process. Once the app is setup note down your number.

In case TextNow does not show you your number or you forgot to note down your number you can find out your TextNow number by following the steps below.

  • Android: Once the app opens on your Android phone click on the 3 line icon located in the top left corner of your Android device and you should see your phone number.
  • iPhone: Click on the 3 line icon which is located in the top left corner of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Once you click on the 3 line icon you should be seeing your phone number.
  • Windows Phone: Once app is open navigate to the People tab and you should see your phone number.

3. Open up WhatsApp and Verify Number

Once you have noted down your TextNow number, open up WhatsApp on your phone, tablet or PC and follow steps 3.1 to 3.5 below.

3.1. Enter your TextNow Number into WhatsApp

Once you agree to the terms and conditions of WhatsApp you will be prompted to enter your number. When prompted to enter your number select your country and enter the TextNow number.

3.2. Wait for SMS Verification to Fail

Wait 5 minutes for SMS verification to fail. After SMS verification fails you will be prompted to call your number. Click on the Call Me button to receive an automated call from WhatsApp.

3.3. Get your WhatsApp Verification Number

Open the TextNow app on your device and you should be receiving a call from WhatsApp. Answer the call and an automated message from WhatsApp will be repeating your verification code numerous times. Note down your verification number.

3.4. Enter Verification Code in WhatsApp

Now, enter the verification code that you received from the automated call into WhatsApp.

3.5. Finish Setup

Finish the setup process in WhatsApp after entering your verification code. You have now successfully created a WhatsApp account without a phone number.

In case this method did not work for you, you can try using another app called textPlus or you can use the second Method below.

Use Existing Landline to Verify WhatsApp

The second method will be using your existing home phone/landline number to verify WhatsApp. Just follow the steps below to use WhatsApp without a mobile phone number or SIM card.

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, tablet or PC

Open up the WhatsApp application on your phone, tablet or PC.

2. Enter Your Home Phone/Landline number

When prompted to enter your number select your country and enter your home phone/landline number.

3. Wait for Verification by SMS to Fail

After about 5 minutes verification by SMS will fail and you will be presented with an option to Call Me. Click on the Call Me option to get a call from WhatsApp to your home phone/landline number.

4. Enter the Verification Code

You will now get an automated call from WhatsApp to your landline number. An automated voice will repeat your 6 digit verification code numerous times. Note down this verification code and enter this verification code into WhatsApp.

5. Complete the Setup Process

Once you have verified WhatsApp on your device, complete the setup process and you are ready to start talking to your friends on WhatsApp without using your mobile phone number or SIM card.


I hope the above described tricks worked for you. If the above tricks are not working you can refer to my latest post How to use fake number for whatsapp.

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