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You might be bored up with your android user interface because everyday you are seeing the same home wallpaper, widgets, icons etc in your android device. Have you tried any launcher in your phone that can change your user interface and transition effects so that it could give you a pleasant experience while using your android device.

I frequently use to change my android launcher, because i doesn’t like to stick on the same home screen everyday. All i need is some change. You might have seen several android launchers that can be used in your android device like GO Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher etc.

What about using a Windows Launcher instead?

We know that Microsoft has recently announced the Windows 10 operating system that gives a great user experience. What’s wrong with using Windows 10 launcher on your phone? No one is going to beat you.

Here i’m with a new post on ‘How to Install  Windows 10 Launcher on your Android Device?’

There are many launchers available in the Google Play Store that offers windows 10 user experience to android users.

I have chosen the best of those launchers and listed it below. They all got good ratings in the play store and are perfectly fit to use.

3 best Windows launcher for Android

1) Win 10 Launcher

win 10 launcher

Customize your phone with unique look and feel with the fast, clean and energy efficient Launcher. Surprise your friends with new look of your Android and also share it with your loved ones.


– Customizable Theme Colors
– Android apps in Stylish Tiles
– Best Apps are available on One Click
– Windows Phone Experience on your Android
– Easy Navigation to the Apps

win 10 launcher2

New update Includes
  • Reduced Ads frequency
  • Customizable Tiles – Press and Hold a tile to customize it
  • Stylish Start Menu
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the Crash on Application Launch

2) Metro UI Launcher

metro ui launcher

Metro Launcher now on your Android Device. Manage your homescreen in the unique Metro design.
(Inspired by Windows 10®) .

# Beautiful homescreen in tablet mode
# Personalize your homescreen with your favorite Apps, Contacts and Widgets.
# Rearrange tiles with drag’n’drop.
# Sidebar in Charmbar®-style
# Fast access to your main functions: Internet, Store, Contacts, etc.
# See your recent opened apps
# Customize your background with (live) wallpaper
# Change displayed account name and image
# Optimized for tablets and smartphones
# Quick-search via sidebar
# Customize your launcher with lot of settings

metro 2

Other than in other launchers, this launcher is not imitating Windows Phone®, but a similar design to the Windows 10 tablet mode®

3) Launcher 8 WP style (Windows 8 Launcher)

launcher 8

Launcher 8, is an excellent app for you to experience the Windows phone UI style on your Android devices. It will make your Android phone’s homescreen looks like a Windows Phone.
With this fast, clean launcher, you can customize personalized Windows phone layout for your Android phone

– Custom tile: Choose different sizes of tiles, modify colors and icons of the tiles;
– Featured tile: You can add special features tiles, like time, LED light, Live Gallery and Live contact.
– LockScreen: Add your thoughts to manage the LockScreen with style and password settings;
– StatusBar: Manage your StatusBar with style, time display, and color settings;
– DIY folder: Create new tabs for folder. Hide & lock folders with password;
– Theme: Back up and restore theme. Themes can be uploaded and downloaded online ;
– Wallpaper: Rich wallpaper resources for background, lockscreen available online, also support dynamic wallpaper;
– Application notifications: DIY the display mode for your application’s message notifications alerts.
– Super search: Bigger and quicker search ability for web and local information.

launcher 8-2
1 The live contact needs to read the contact data (Avatar) access permission;
2 Direct dial call shortcut need the CALL PHONE permission;
3 Direct send text message shortcut need Send Message permission.
4 Download the themes need access the network permission.
5 The LED Light need access the Camera permission.

The notification feature requires manual activation. To activate this service, please follow the instruction: Settings -> General -> Notification settings -> On (under Push).

These are the 3 best windows launcher for android that can be used in android devices to get a windows user experience. The list will be populated soon. Stay Updated.

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